A heart clearing facilitator/coach is someone who works on donation helping others through the heart clearing process.

All certified facilitators have worked directly with James Rick Stinson, the founder of Heart Clearing for a period of atleast 2 weeks conducting more than 20 heart clearing sessions.

If you are interested in heartclearing session you can do them in person at an upcoming retreat or at our retreat center location in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. If you are unable to attend physically – we can have you work with a facilitator over Skype video.Or if you are interested in becoming a facilitator.

What is it like in an actual Heartclearing session?

Unlike traditional therapies that can take years and many thousands of dollars even if they are unsuccessful,
heartclearing has proven to be very effective at clearing deep emotional traumas in just one or two sessions!
Sessions last approximately 1 to 2 hours and its 100% donation based.

While working with a facilitator you can expect:

-Eye contact


-Sound healing / singing


-Touching (professional)



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