The Fastest Way to Heal Your Heart (part 1)

The Fastest Way to Heal Your Heart (part 2)

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Dear Brave Hearts!

Heartclearing is the fastest way to heal yourself, using the power of your own heart.

In these videos Heartclearinig creator James Rick Stinson guide you through the process of Heartclearing. Make sure you first download the heartclearing diagram, and then watch part 1 and 2. This is the free resource to help find your own.

If the mind don't understand what you're doing or why its giving up control, it will try to keep your awareness inside your head and try to understand it. Rather then allowing you to simply FEEL into your heart.. and LET GO of reason of resistance.

So prepare yourself! Watch part 1, download the diagram and then watch this video.

You are about to embark on a journey that will eventually take you out of the mind and into the heart to resolve any unresolved emotional blocks.. Heartclearing will help you remove your own limitation and discover the ultimate energy inside you.

If you need help, we offer facilitators via Skype on donation and we hold Heartclearing retreats in Costa Rica to nurture your heart and Soul through process.

Want to learn how Heartclearing works?

  • If only you knew how it changed my outlook on pain James. I am forever grateful that I have undergone such experience. . have learned to embrace pain and have learned each time from it. . To be focused on the present and maximize it.. and whenever another wave of pain came, acceptance of the bitter truth sets me free.If heart clearing is a form of medicine I will take it everyday.And if I can fully master it like you do, I'd be glad to share it to those who need it. . So thank you very much. .- Precky G.

  • I told the story to people around that were so surprised to see me refreshed and could definitely see a difference in me! and i keep getting asked about you! I'm truly grateful of what you have done with me - I still have some of the dreams but it's definitely less and I'm learning how to control and not be stressed by them. :)- Saya B.

  • Before the heart clearing session, there were days that I would feel depressed. I couldn't even explain why but I just felt that something was missing. It was getting worse every day. I was desperate to divert my attention and make myself busy. But every night, when I am about to sleep, the empty feeling in my chest keeps me awake. I had to listen to music to clear my head or at least, not hear the thoughts in my head. It's been more than a week since my heart clearing session and I don't remember feeling down since that day. I feel more alive now and good things are starting to come my way.- Erika M.

  • Before my Heart Clearing experience with James, I used to carry around all my heartaches and pains that have accumulated over the years due to different circumstances in life. Imagine how heavy that is. My friends sometimes can feel that negative energy no matter how I smile and I myself can feel the baggage.During my heart clearing, I was able to cry out all the pains and James helped me learn the process of letting go. I used to drink first so I can cry, now I can cry anytime if I felt pain. Overtime, I learn how to let go easily.Now, I feel a lot lighter and happier. My energy or aura is more vibrant and I’m not afraid to face and go through pain in life. Because if we process the pain and cry, we don’t have any reason to carry it around with us anymore and we are able to move on.When we have a clear heart, we can feel love even more. And by that, we are able to share it to more people and touch their aching hearts. - Lota S.

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